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16 Tips for Achieving your Goal

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Daily OrganizerLet me be very honest in telling you that there’s no step by step guide to identify your goal in life and pursue it. What you want from your life, your future, your lifestyle or your career are all the abstract questions until you organize the struggle and stick to it with determination to achieve. Life does not come with easy take away boxes. We have to make something out of it. Following the given pointers you can not only identify your goal, but organize yourself in achieving it too.

  • List what you can do best. Putting your abilities on paper makes your view wider in considering the options.
  • Extend the list to what is most important to be done. Write down the preferences so that nothing important is missed out.
  • Learn what makes you happy the most out of the listed options and try to get set with that choice.
  • Now list the problems in your way to achieving your goal. Once you list them it becomes easier to make an action plan.
  • Remember mistakes are a part of life and they do not mean that you can’t do better in future. There’s always room for improvement.
  • Narrow your focus to your goal and do not rush to multiple achievements. It’s important to excel in what you do rather than running after lots of things together.
  • Sketch out where you aspire to be after a span of 5 years. This not only brings in motivation but helps you make a plan of action too.
  • If you want opportunities in your life, you have to ask for them. There are no mind readers. You always have to break the ice of silence and ask for what you desire.
  • You might have to start as a volunteer but that’s totally fine. It’s hands on experience plus a chance to show your skills. You are most likely to get a job after that.
  • Take some time for yourself to reflect, plan a strategy and map what to do and how to go about it. Solitude brings thousands of ideas.
  • Talk about your goals to the family and friends. You’ll be advised and most likely helped through your tough times.
  • You can always ask questions. Do not limit yourself to the thoughts of your own. Ask questions and see how versatile the life is.
  • As someone starting at a young age you have to invest time and energy. Things get in line when we devote ourselves.
  • Check that you spend less than your means. learning to spend within your economic limits is a tip for a lifetime.
  • Be honest to yourself. Accept the defeats and gear up for the next day. Being honest to yourself keeps you driving and peaceful.
  • Always remember that there is a big difference between knowing to do something and its practical implementation. You wouldn’t get the fruit until you’d sow the seed.

You are not born to live someone else’s dream so don’t waste time. Make the most out of it !!


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