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Secure Your Future: Top 10 Safe Career Choices

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Changes in the economy have had a big impact on today’s job market.  career opportunities in the current market have been more difficult to come by, especially for college graduates.  Some career choices may actually put you at risk of losing your job if your career path is affected by changes in the economy.  Experts suggest that college students should consider looking for a job in their chosen career path before graduation. Yet, there are certain career opportunities that are just as lucrative since their demand will continue to be consistent during market changes.

Tax Professional or Accountant

Dealing with taxes is something that will be ongoing and likely until the end of time.  People are often intimidated to complete their taxes on their own because of the complex rules and regulations part of the tax code.  Most people know taxes are unavoidable but prefer to hire a professional to make sure their calculations are correct.  Business owners and individuals continue to seek expertise from such professionals.

If you’re on your way to receiving a degree in accounting, then pursuing a similar degree after graduation, such as a Master of Laws in Taxation, might be a great help. Unlike many other areas of study, taxes are something that everyone should know more about. Knowing the laws regarding taxation and studying online to become an expert in the matter will not only look great in the eyes of a potential employer, but it is also an incredible way for you to save money when doing your own taxes.

Retirement Consultant

Studies claim that nearly 50 percent of baby boomers have under $50, 000 saved when it’s time to retire.  While this means a high number of baby boomers have yet to start saving, this also means more career opportunities.  Retirement consulting includes giving advice to those to help them make better financial options whether they are in or close to retirement.  This may include helping those understand reverse mortgage options and rollovers for retirement accounts.  There are also new products being developed and available on the market for baby boomers.  Consultants can use their expertise to help others understand their options.

Business Broker

A business broker is a trained professional who helps people buy and sell businesses. Depending on the state, a business broker may be required to obtain a license in order to conduct business. Business brokers estimate the value of a business, advertise it, and conduct interviews with potential buyers.

Changes in the economy have had a big impact on today’s job market.  career opportunities in the current market have been more difficult to come by, especially for college graduates.  Some career choices may actually put you at risk of losing your job if your career path is affected by changes in the economy.Click To Tweet

Software Engineer

There has always been a demand for software engineers and it is likely it will continue in the future.  Depending on your expertise and skill level, this career field may make you more marketable.  Various corporate companies rely on people in this field because of ongoing changes in technology and digital platforms.  This career path plays a big role in the development of programs used daily such as software, online games, apps, and more.

Digital Marketing

Those in digital marketing have been known to have more stability than other positions similar to this area.  This field may not be as technical as a computer engineering specialist or a network administrator but their need continues to grow in the current market.  Such marketing platforms including mobile, social, and online have benefited from unique changes being made in connection to advertising.  But keep in mind, budgeting for advertising has been known to be a risk when the market shifts.  It helps to have versatile skills and expertise that will keep you ahead of change.

Medical Field

Careers in the medical industry will continue to be in high demand for various reasons.  People are known to deal with different health conditions including obesity and aging. High healthcare costs and the need for medication also continue to put positions in this area in constant demand.  It is understandable that many shy away from the insurance issues in this field.  But positions such as nursing, physical therapy, and pharmacist often don’t require as much training or education as a doctor.


While you may have seen the medical field as a rewarding path if you love helping people, you may not have considered the niche of dental care. However, this can be an extremely rewarding, fascinating, and lucrative field.

Dental care is a surprisingly diverse field with a wide range of positions to suit all kinds of skill levels. Whether you want to become a dentist, an orthodontist, a hygienist, or even an administrator there are all kinds of opportunities and a well-established career path to help you to learn and grow in your practice.

Real Estate Trust Manager

A real estate trust manager is normally in charge of managing all operations connected to trust accounts set up by different clients. To fulfill this obligation, these managers design and develop policies that increase the revenue generated through trust accounts. These policies must reflect current real estate trends in trust account management. In most cases, one needs to have worked in real estate management for a number of years in order to qualify for this job

Teachers and Higher Education

If you’re looking for a career that is expected to offer solid opportunities for the foreseeable future, education is an excellent option. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that job prospects are promising for committed and qualified candidates across a number of educational specialties, from middle school teachers to curriculum developers.

The Trades

You don’t necessarily need a four-year degree to find your dream job. Manual labor can be just as lucrative, with top blue-collar workers earning annual mean wages well above the $50,620 national average. What’s more, manual labor has been shown to help improve health by reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes, and blue-collar workers consistently show greater levels of job satisfaction than those in other fields.

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