Limited Shelf life – Is Your Job About to Expire?

Have you ever watched someone’s job unravel and they don’t even know they are in trouble? I just watched this happen to someone that works in my company. This particular person started off okay, with good annual reviews. Then his boss left and in a matter of a year or so, he went from having an okay reputation to someone who was viewed as “on his way out”. I’m not sure if his old boss was covering for him or maybe his new boss just did not like him. The really sad part was that he had no clue that every day the front door was one step closer. Not that there was some type of official notice about this guy, you just got the feeling watching from a distance. Long story short, he was shown the front door yesterday. The guy was shocked (as most anyone would be if they had no clue – take a look at “I lost my job, now what?“) and, of course, not prepared. So what are the warning signs? How do you know if you are about to lose your job? I would argue that in most cases (except for down-sizings), the clues are there if you look close enough. What can you do?

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How do you know: (but don’t be paranoid)

  • Learn The Warning Signs Of Potential Job Loss – What are some of the warning signs? This article, posted on, provides 7 warning signs that your job is at risk. Some of these you will know (like you’re getting negative feedback) and others you might not have thought about (like you resist change). In any event, take a read of these warning signs to see how many apply to you. Most of these are correctable with the right focus.
  • Five signs you may be on the layoff list – This article was posted on and provides 5 warning signs. Some are obvious and some are not. And some are correctable. The article also includes some tips on keeping your job (like making your self irreplaceable). Each of the warning signs provides a few paragraphs explaining the specific content.

How to Keep Your Job:

  • Ten tips that will help you keep your job – Okay, so what can you do to keep your job? Lots of things. This article, posted on, provides ten tips to help you keep your job. I would not have thought of some of them (such as the importance of cubicle etiquette) while other should be common knowledge (like don’t take credit for others’ work). In all, these tips are worth a read and they will help you extend your job shelf life.
  • 57 Ways to Keep Your Job and Excel at the Workplace – Okay, maybe ten is not enough. In these competitive times, maybe you need 57 ways to keep your job. If that is the case, this job is for you.This article was posted on Millionaire Money Habits ( – apparently, even millionaires worry about their jobs! This is a really good list of tips and there are too many I really like to point out my favorites. Depending on your individual circumstances, not all of them will be practical for you, but most of them should.

Too Late, I’ve Lost my Job:  Under the best of circumstances, now matter how many tips you may have tried, you still may lose your job. So what do you do next?

  • 15 Things to Do If You Lose Your Job – This basic steps in getting yourself on track for finding a new job if you lose your job. The first tip is the most important (Don’t Panic). The other tips are also worth a read. Once you’ve gone over these basic steps, you need to really get down to work (no pun intended), and that work is to look for a new job (which is your new job until you find a paying job). While you are on the site, take a look at the Career Connection tab at the top of the page. There are links for Interviewing, Job Search Tips and Resume Writing.

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