Resume Layouts – Choosing the Right One for Your Professional Profile

resume-layoutResumes and cover letters are considered the most effective way to sell your skills to a potential employer. Whenever a job vacancy is advertised it goes without saying that there are plenty of other applicants who are also eying the job. Since all employers and hiring agencies depend on these documents in determining a suitable candidate to fill the advertised job, they should be prepared in a professional way. This means that they should follow a specific resume format, based on different aspects related to the job description provided and the skills and qualification of the applicant. The format must also take into consideration the current demands of the job market.

Knowing the best format to choose in relation to your career

When doing some research on Internet you will find that there are several sites which give details on how to design this document. It should be noted however that since this is your instrument of marketing it should be in a format that is easy to read and understand at the same time. This means that the arrangement and presentation of words should be carefully selected. This organization of statements is what translates into a format.

There are several of these formats which one can choose from but before picking any there are some important considerations that have to be noted. A person using a format that is not appropriate may be deemed careless and not really interested in that particular job. Choosing of a format should depend on factors such as work experience, work history, changes in your career line among other notable qualities that may be of interest to the hirer.

The main formats that are easy to access and are always current

There are many websites online offering samples resumes, where you can pick the most suitable design to match your specific needs. With these varieties it is easy to notice the differences in the formats adopted in each sample. These formats put a lot of emphasis on the above mentioned attributes to enhance the qualities that may be sought out by the employer or the requirements included in the job advertisement. The functional format for example is preferable if you intention is to highlight the skills accumulated over the years that are of relevance to the job at hand. It draws less attention to work experience and this is why the skills are grouped into categories and placed before the job history.

If you are applying for a job that values the years of experience that one has then it advisable to go for the chronological format. This design makes it easy for the employer to identify the number of years served in particular job and probably in different positions. This is the reason why this kind of information is placed at the initial page of your resume.

Combination or hybrid is the format that is commonly used due to its ability to combine all the major composition of both the functional and chronological format. It puts emphasis on both the skills and work experience in order to highlight the achievements in work history as well as the skills possessed by an applicant.

Read and understand what is required

There is no restriction to the type of format to stick to; resume samples are there to give you basic guidelines. You can therefore review yours to match the current job you are applying for. It is important to read carefully the job specifications and what is expected from an applicant. You can then format your document to match these requirements.

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