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So many job search boards, so little time. Job Search Boards (see The Four Legs of Job Search), recruiters, company career sites, social sites and so on. So where do you start? How much time should you spend on all of the millions of things you need to do in your job search? My first rule of thumb is, do it all. How, you ask? First, make a list. Ensure you have a reasonable representation of all of your job search leads (the stuff I listed at the top of this post). Spread your time evenly, don’t get caught up in answering tons of online ads, but also don’t get caught up in sending too many notes to recruiters. This post covers a few job search boards and the 10’s of thousands of jobs that are posted (and no, this is not a typo).

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Key Points to Remember:

  • Balance the time you spend on job search across several job search methods (recruiters, company career sites, networking and job search boards). Do not base your entire search on job search boards.
  • Time is everything.  If a job posting is more than 7 days old, the hiring manager has probably received more qualified candidates than they need.  Focus on new (1-3 days old) job postings.
  • Use email alerts, but not too many.  It is helpful to know when a job matches your requirements, but don’t create too many email alerts.

The top job search boards:

  • – There are hundreds of thousands of jobs (when I checked) on There are tabs at the top of the page for Resume, Jobs, Career Tools, Advice and more. Right below this is the job search section and to the right is advanced search section. As with most job search sites, you can register, post your resume (maybe someone will find you) and get email alerts for your saved searches.
  • – Let me start by saying that there was over 1,800,000 jobs on this site when I checked. This site is different from most of the others as it searches across companies and other job boards. Lots of filters are on the left hand side of the page as well as keyword refinement options. Top right hand side of the page has links saved jobs and saved searches. The bottom of the main page has links for salaries and trends. Regional site links are at the bottom of the page.
  • – Not as many jobs as SimplyHired (but still over 800,000), you can refine your search by putting a location in at the top, or use one of the many refinements on the left hand side of the page.  Top left hand side of the page has links for forums, salaries and trends. Top right hand side has “post your resume” and sign-in links. Once you do a search, there are filters on the left hand side of the page while the bottom of the page has links for related forums and related salaries.
  • – One of the best places to post your resume (profile), this is a great place for potential employers to find you (but you can search as well). You need to be a member (free) to search (and if you aren’t already, get with it). Once you’ve signed in, click Jobs at the top of the page. You will notice almost immediately that there are a few jobs listed that may interest you based on your profile. There were over 49,000 jobs when I checked the site. Not enough space to list all of the benefits of LinkedIn, but do take a look at the job search section.
  • – The #1 technology search board, there were over 82,000 tech jobs posted when I checked the site. Top of the page has links for search jobs, and news & advice. A simple search box is at the top of the page along with an advance search option. Top job search terms are listed, followed by Jobs by Company. You can also browse job by skill and employment type.

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