How Yoga can Help You Get the Job You Want

Young Woman Meditating on the FloorIf you are right now unsuccessfully hunting for a job and without a clue to finding one, then you should be looking toward yoga for inspiration. You may ask what has yoga to do with job hunting. At a cursory glance, nothing, agreed. But you should not be looking at yoga superficially. If you though that yoga is all about making your body supple and giving yourself a healthy body, and nothing more, then, you are badly mistaken. There is more to yoga than you may have imagined – believe it can transform you into a philosophical person and give you control over your mind and attitude, and undoubtedly over your body.

When there are more pressing issues like meeting your monthly commitments toward paying bills, finding a new job, managing your home and  paying for your kids education, yoga may not be high on your agenda. But to recondition your mind, you don’t have to start doing yoga – just the inspirations flowing from yoga can do wonders for you. It will help keep worries at bay, take a positive attitude toward life and even help you face job interviewers with a confidence you have never before experienced in your lifetime.

Here is how yoga can inspire you.

1.     Be Flexible and Open to New Ideas and Opportunities

Not everyone who began doing yoga started with a flexible body, remember. In fact most of those you started late had a body that they could hardly move. The first few days will be taxing and you will experience pain and you will even want to give up. However, you should remember that without pain, there is no gain. That is what yoga teachers tell, and they are right. Consistence and persistence is what ultimately brings success.

Hunting for a new job is very similar to yoga – you need to be flexible in your approaches, be consistent and persistent. The watchword is flexibility. Be willing to change your endeavors, be willing to accepted new challenges and a new job you never did. It may be painful in the beginning, but as the days pass, you will adapt yourself to the new environment and a new way of life. If you have been rigid in your aspiration, give it a change and start looking for unexplored opportunities. There was plenty of it even during times of economic depression.

2.     Enjoy the Journey looking for a New Job

Many people who took to doing yoga gave up because they focused only on what they aimed to achieve by doing it. That is not the purpose of yoga – it is a lifetime endeavor to keep you in good health, and neither is it a yardstick for measuring your health. If you give up doing it, you will be back where you started, and it means beginning all over again. To succeed in yoga, therefore, you need to enjoy doing it. By enjoying doing yoga, you take the tediousness out of it. It will soon become a habit and your body will subconsciously want it every day.

Here is a principle you need to understand – enjoy what you are doing and that includes hunting for a new job. Let your focus sway away from landing on the job. Results will come anyway, that is assured. When you enjoy applying for new jobs and attending interviews, the tediousness associated with it will go away as well. You will be a relaxed individual with a positive frame of mind which prospective employers will simply love. When your focus is centered on winning the job you make mistakes because you don’t look at your prospective employer’s points of view. An honest self appraisal and employer centric attitude can change the whole scenario. Employer’s will see your attitude and will want to hire you.

3.     Concentrate on Your Breathing

The essence of yoga is in how you breathe during a posture. Most cause for pain is improper breathing habits or failure to breathe when we should be doing it most. Breathing is an involuntary action of the body, but in yoga you do it consciously and you concentrate on the part of your body where action takes place. This channelizes energy to the part where it is needed most and helps to relax the muscle and make it flexible.

In job hunting too you need breathing time, but in a different sense – take time off hunting for a new job. This will help you to relax and look back in perspective. When you are confronted with situations in which you don’t see a way out, put everything to rest for while. You can use the time to develop a healthy habit like walking in the morning or strolling in a park near your home. You can also consider exercising your body and rejuvenating it.

4.     Believe in Your Abilities

In yoga there are many postures that not all can hope to do at first attempt. Yoga teachers will tell you that you need to condition your mind into believing that you can and positive results will follow afterwards. Believe, most postures in yoga are within your capabilities, and if you believe in your abilities you will be able to do most of them.

What holds good for yoga holds good for job hunting as well. When you apply for a job, believe that you can perform to the standards that employers expect of you. As humans, most of us don’t believe in our abilities, but there are ways in which you can overcome this self-set restriction. At first, start to fake your abilities and soon it will become a habit with you and the battle will be won sooner than you expected. Sit down to make an honest appraisal of your previously failed job applications and start to believe that you could have won it, if only you had said I can.

5.     Don’t be a Slave of your Mind

The human brain is a very complex object as much as the mind that controls it. People, who gave up doing yoga during the first few days, did it, because they were swayed away by their mind telling them that most postures are impossible to do. Nothing can be farther away from truth. Yoga teaches people to control their mind into believe everything is attainable – yoga teachers will even make you believe that you can stay afloat defying gravity. The lesson to learn is – believe you can and you will.

When you hunt for a job, do the same and start on the premise that you can attain the unattainable. Don’t let your mind take a destructive course and restrict your growth. Your mind will tell you “you cannot,” but say no to this and begin your journey. When you win over your mind, most part of a battle is won and your cherished job will be yours.

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