How to Avoid Job Search Disaster

cliffAvoiding a job search disaster is a lot easier than you may think. Some people may find it easier to land a job than others even if two people share the exact same credentials. The job hunt experience usually goes one of two ways. It is very pleasant, which usually means you land the job. The job hunt experience can also be an awful experience. Trying to land a new job or internship can be as about as much fun as getting your teeth pulled. There are a few things that you can do to help make the job hunt process a little easier.  The following hints, tips, and advice can help you avoid the job search disaster.

Don’t Try Too Hard to Impress – Trying too hard to impress a potential boss can backfire on you big time. Nobody like an overachiever. Patience is one virtue that any job hunter needs to have. Do not be over persistent or pushy. Of course you should highlight your best skills and qualities, but do not be pushy. You should try to showcase your strengths, but do not become overbearing. It is good to show initiative, but it is something completely different to hound potential employers. Make a follow up call on your application or interview. If your call is not returned, take the hint.

Networking – Networking is very important when landing a job. Bad networking can greatly affect the time it takes for you get a job or internship. There is an easy way to fix this issue. Put yourself out there and talk to people in the professional world that you are interested in getting into. Making connections can greatly increase the job opportunities that are presented to you. It is time to meet and greet people in your industry or niche. You may be surprised by how greatly connections can affect your career. Try making connections online through professional social networking websites like Linked In.

Know Yourself – You cannot expect to achieve at much if you do not fully know yourself. You should be aware of your limitations and strengths. Knowing your capabilities can help you during the frustrating job search process. Do not be afraid to take some time for some much needed self reflection so that you will be able to guide yourself down the right paths.

Don’t Let Your Resume Get Sucked into a Black Hole – Sending you resume into a company and never calling in to check on it a second time is a big mistake. Your resume will go to the bottom of the pile while those who show initiative will be given top priority. Part of landing a job is putting yourself out there. Sure, you are going to face some rejection along the way. In the long run, you are going to eventually make an impression on someone. Do not become too pushy. Accept when you have been turned down for a position or internship.

Don’t be Nervous – Being too nervous during a job interview can make employers think that you are anxious in the workplace as well. Be confident. You were called in for an interview because they are interested in your skills. Do not get too cocky. Be assertive, but not overbearing. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Be cool as a cucumber. Chat up other professionals that are in your industry. This can also be a great way to make connections.

Do not be discouraged as you make you search for employment. It is not easy landing a job in today’s job market. One thing that is for certain is that you should set yourself apart from your sea of competition.

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Good luck in your search.

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