High Paying Jobs In Industries With A High Demand

Deciding which career is best for you can be a challenging process. What are the highest paying jobs? What professions are in demand in the labor market today? These questions are asked by most college students, recent grads and those considering a career change.  So, what steps should you undertake how to make a right career choice? Let’s look at some good options.

When you are proudly standing in line at your graduation ceremony in your cap and gown you are ready to start out on your quest for a  successful career.Which are the top highest paying jobs and have a greater chance of a successful career?

Top Paying Careers

Surgeons And Health Care Professionals

According to most surveys, surgeons always lead the list of highest paying jobs, followed by anesthesiologists whose annual income amounts to around $181,420.

Tagging along are gynecologists and obstetricians who as per the survey, earn about $179,640 annually, while dentists earn around $133,350.

The most highly paid professionals belong to the field of health and medicine with the exception of CEOs who are ranked in the 8th position among top ten careers.

Financial Advisors

Another lucrative career option is that of Personal financial advisors. However, in most surveys, they fail to find a place in the list of top ten owing to their highly fluctuating incomes.

It is estimated that the annual income of a successful personal financial advisor is around $145,000. On the other hand, an average financial advisor may earn only around $28,330 per year.

Some of the factors that contribute to this immense income variation are high growth potential, rapid economic growth and finally, the educational index that this profession demands.

Medical Scientists

The estimated average annual income of Medical Scientists is approximately $100,000, which might seem to be a paltry amount against their educational qualifications (doctoral degrees).

However, they lead the list of other careers such as podiatrists, whose estimated income is $94,500, lawyers with an estimated average annual income of $91,920, optometrists earning $88,100 and other computer and information systems managers who earn approximately $83,890 annually.

Marketing And Sales Managers

Statistics reveal that the estimated annual income of sales and marketing managers is around $80,000. Experience has a moderate effect on pay for this job. The highest paying skills associated with this job are business development and strategic marketing.

The role of a sales and marketing manager is both generating ideas for new products or just finding better ways to sell a product. Because they are involved in selling products they are directly involved in their company’s success.

High Paying Trade Labor Jobs


There are over 380,000 jobs in plumbing, pipefitting, and steamfitting in the United States with a median income of $49,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Furthermore, the BLS projects that the total number of jobs will grow by 21 percent over the next ten years, almost twice the national average.

That’s not all, this is a job that doesn’t go away. It is not uncommon to see a plumbing business like Brother’s Plumbing stay in business for over 40 years. If you are looking for a long-term, steady business, plumbing may be the field for you.

The Petroleum Industry

There are not enough professionals in any sense in the petroleum industry. Tradespeople, engineers, and scientists are all in high demand.

For example, in the five year window between 2007 and 2012, a whopping 162,000 jobs were created between oil and gas extraction, drilling, and oilfield support. Even more job growth is expected in the next ten years now that the USA is the world’s largest petroleum producer.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics National Compensation Survey, estimated average white-collar earnings were around $21.85 per hour. Estimated average blue-collar earnings were approximately $15.03 per hour, while the average earnings per hour for service occupations were only about $10.40.

To obtain higher incomes, most top-end careers require a four-year college degree.

HVAC Technicians

Like plumbing, the HVAC maintenance and repair industry is expected to grow by 21 percent in the next ten years by the BLS, adding a total of nearly 56,000 jobs.

As the American standard of living increases, more and more people purchase or rent air conditioning equipment. With manufacturing industries slowly returning to the United States, industrial HVAC is coming back, too. This is one of the most lucrative trades as well, with a median hourly wage of 20.98.


Being an electrician an incredibly interesting career with many paths including home and industrial specializations. As the country recovers from the housing market crash, home ownership is slowly increasing along with it and rising demand for home electricians.

Industrial electricians have always been in high demand. The BLS expects 20 percent growth for a total of 114,700 jobs on top of the 583,500 ones that currently exist, so there is a lot of electrician work to be had. With a median hourly wage of $23.96, this is one of the best paying trades out there.

Auto Mechanics

Although the BLS projects only nine percent growth in auto mechanic jobs due to the sluggish American auto industry. There are already over 700,000 auto mechanic jobs across the nation. So, there is still plenty of room for new mechanics. The pay is pretty good, with the median auto mechanic earning over $17.00 per hour.


Welders are another slow-growing field at only six percent growth, but there are well over 200,000 jobs already in existence. The median hourly wage for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers accordin to the BLS is $17.45, which is a fairly impressive income.

Specialist welders such as underwater welders can expect to earn much more.

As per the information obtained from Employment Policy Foundation, listed below are some of the career options at varying levels of education:

Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a High School Degree

  • Drafters – $36,000
  • Industrial production managers – $36,000
  • Bailiffs, correctional officers, and jailers – $36,400
  • Construction manager – $33,600
  • Electricians – $31,900

High Paying Jobs For High School Graduates

Listed below are some of the career options that lay more emphasis on relevant expertise and experience instead of formal education.

  • Computer programmers – $55,000
  • Network systems and data communications analysts – $49,000
  • Database, network and computer systems administrators – $48,000

Although a large number of jobs require expertise in a certain field, you can apply for certain jobs after satisfying basic qualifications. For example, if you are applying for the job as air traffic controller, you will be screened by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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