How to Get Your First Job

jobsIf you’re straight out of school, college or university and you’ve never had a job before, this information could potentially change your life.  Finding your first job is an extremely daunting task, but everybody has to do it.   What scares most people is not knowing what to expect; the jump is as big as going from playing at home as a toddler to starting school.  A lot of kids cry and scream when they get dropped off for their first days of school, but that generally changes after a week or so.

The same is true of your first few days of work.  Don’t expect to cry or scream – you’ll definitely lose your job – but it will be difficult nonetheless.  The first thing you need to do though is actually get there.  How can you impress your prospective first employers so that they take you on?


Be Presentable and Prepared

When you go to your interview, find out what style of clothes you should wear. Some workplaces will require you to dress smartly in a full business suit, while others will respect you more if you dress in a slightly more fashionable, casual style.  You should also bring with you some paper, a pen and a laptop.  If you don’t own a laptop – which is possible if you’ve never had a job before – then you could rent one from a site like Rent IT where you can order a laptop for a day or two to cover your interview process, should you get through to one.


Read Up

One of the main things employers want to know is that you’ve put in the extra work to read up on what they’re about, the company’s history and any accolades their business has earned.  You should do this even before you fill out the initial job application form because you might be able to weave in a statistic or the company slogan to really help you stand out against the other job candidates.


Have the Skills

You need to make sure that your CV is bang up to date, looks great and contains all of the skills you’ve acquired throughout your life which will aid you in doing the specific job you’re applying for.  It’s fine to have a generic CV, but do make sure that you tailor it towards every company that you apply to, as employers will be able to tell if your CV is too general.

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Good luck in your search.

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