“Bridge The Gap” – How Private Tutoring Can Help You Get A Job

Stack of Library BooksFinding a job that fits your personality and skill set can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, especially when jobs are harder to come by in a tough economy. It might feel like day in and day out, you’re searching for jobs to no avail.  Your patience might be wearing thin and you might feel discouragement setting in. If this is you, you’re not alone. So many people today are in your shoes, and it’s ok to feel frustrated. But instead of giving up and letting frustration take over, consider being a private tutor or a home tutor – not only can it help you earn money, but it can help boost your resume and your skill set for your next big career move.

If you think tutoring might be a good fit for you, first identify your expertise and focus on what your favourite, most understood subjects are.  Then, begin actively engaging in online forums, check out books at the library, and even consider subscribing to relevant journals or attend events that will help you brush up the subject area. Make sure that you understand the curriculum that students are using, test yourself, study it, and make sure that you have a well-rounded understanding.  Then, prepare lessons that are unique, interactive, and relevant, making sure that they’ll be effective for several different learning styles.  Read about different teaching styles or techniques and find some that would work well for you.

Teachers and tutors are always in high demand – whether you’re a GCSE Spanish tutor, math tutor, violin teacher, or English tutor, there are students of all ages and skill levels needing a little extra help.  You don’t even have to have fancy degrees or years of college teaching experience.  Students (and their parents) are really just looking for someone that knows their stuff. If you aren’t boring and show that you are qualified to tutor or teach, you will have a great opportunity to build relationships with students while they seek to learn and excel in school.

When you’re looking for new clients, be professional and be sure that your resume is well-written and showcases your strong points in the subject area you are advertising for.  Include your academic background, any experience that you have related to education, or any accomplishments you might have achieved.  These things will build credibility for prospective clients.

As you begin tutoring, not only will you be making a difference in the lives of students, you’ll also be building your own resume while you’re at it. Think of all of the new skills you can add to your resume after just a short time of tutoring on the side! You can name your proficiencies in writing on your resume, and when it comes to interviewing for jobs, you can freely talk about your passion for learning and the positive effects you’ve had on students.  In addition, you’ll also show prospective employers your commitment to hard work and ingenuity, as you work to create lessons that help individual students who learn differently.  These skills speak volumes to potential employers and in just a short time of tutoring you’ll have incredible new skills to add to your resume.

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So, while you’re searching for a full time job, start tutoring part time! Whether you’re a private tutor in someone else’s home, or you open your home up to students on a nightly or weekly basis, you’ve found a great way to earn money, build relationships with families and students, and make a lifelong impact on individuals that are struggling in school.  What could be better than that?

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Good luck in your search.

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