You Won’t Believe These Careers Actually Exist!

Everyone likes the idea of being able to do something a little bit different for a living. But most of us tend to end up doing the same sorts of things time and time again. People bounce from offices to retail stores and back to offices again, assuming that there’s not really that much else out there. But just stop and think for a moment, there are thousands of situations where things that you take for granted are definitely being handled by someone! But who are these people? Who are people doing the weird and wonderful jobs that most of us never even think about? Perhaps you may find that one of these jobs appeals to you and you can finally get out of the office!

Food scientist

Now, this might sound like an incredibly intense scientific career to pursue, and it certainly can be. There are those who dedicate their lives to understanding and analyzing the chemical makeup of the food that we eat every day. However not all food scientists have such intense tasks to do. The term food scientist actually covers a lot of different areas, one of which includes the field of ice cream tasting. Yep, that’s right, ice cream tasting! There are people in the world who actually earn their living by taste testing ice cream. This might be perfect if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, but it might also cause you to lose your appetite pretty quickly!

Trauma clean up crew

Whenever there’s any kind of accident and someone is hurt do you ever wonder how things go back to normal? How does a crime scene go back to simply being a normal looking place that you could never tell was once the site of something unpleasant? Well, that’s where blood clean up services come in. Any place where there is any amount of blood is going to put people at some degree of risk, simply because of the hazards that are present whenever people are exposed to blood. These crews are dedicated to clearing up crime scenes and the sites of accidents and getting things back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. It’s an incredibly important job, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or the squeamish!

Chicken sexer

Fortunately, this career is definitely not what you might think! In fact, it’s one of the most important jobs in the poultry farming industry. Being able to determine the sex of a newborn chick is incredibly important since chickens and roosters have very different uses. Most businesses simply aren’t interested in rooster since they can’t supply eggs and you usually only need a single rooster to be mixed in with a large group of hens. Of course waiting until they are fully grown is a serious waste of time and risks throwing off the ratio of roosters to hens. The issue is that chicken genitalia is incredibly difficult to identify, especially on newborn chicks. Japanese chicken sexers are used by companies all around the world because of their remarkable ability to identify the sex of even a newborn chick. Though it’s probably not a good idea to ask how they discovered this particular skill.

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