The Most Interesting Career Options With a Law Degree That You Haven’t Thought Of

DiplomaMost students go to law school to become an attorney. In the present economy, it is difficult for many new law school graduates to obtain employment a lawyer. However, there are many interesting non-legal career options for new law school graduates.

Getting a legal degree isn’t easy but then what? From Melbourne attorneys to lawyers in Paris, they are wondering what to do with their law degree.  Where to go? Which path to choose?

Real estate is an excellent career choice for a law school graduate without the desire to practice law. A law school graduate that wants to pursue a job in the real estate industry should take and pass the bar in their state. Some states allow attorneys that are admitted to the bar to obtain a real estate license without taking a class or passing a real estate licensure test. The lessons learned in law school about contract negotiation and property law will give a fledgling real estate salesperson an edge in the competitive real estate market.

Opening a new business is a great career path for a law school graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit. Law school classes, including contracts, tax law and corporations, provide a broad knowledge base for a new business owner. The connections made in law school can assist an entrepreneur in getting clients for their new business.

A legislative aide is a good career choice for the law school graduate with a desire to serve the public. Most legislators utilize the services of aides, from the top levels of the federal government down to local government. The education received in law school can help a prospective legislative aide obtain a position. After serving as a legislative aide, a law school graduate may decide to run for office to serve the public as a legislator.

The business world offers varied career paths for law school graduates. Attorneys are preferred for employment in some careers in business even though the job does not involve the direct practice of law. Compliance officers in banks and corporations are often non-practicing attorneys.

The insurance industry also offers positions for law school graduates. Insurance companies often hire law school graduates as claims adjusters. Although employment at an insurance company is not a glamorous career choice, many law school graduates appreciate the steady hours and benefits offered to employees of insurance companies.

Law school graduates with a flair for writing can use their legal knowledge to write for companies involved in the legal world.

Law school textbooks, hornbooks, and publications about the legal industry provide interesting career opportunities for law school graduates.

Graduation from law school does not automatically lead to a career as an attorney. Non-legal career options for law school graduates abound in industries as diverse as real estate, government, business, insurance and publishing. A law school graduate wishing to explore non-legal areas of employment should examine their interests and talents to find an exciting career opportunity.

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