How to Get a Job in Accounting

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Securing your dream accounting job

Competition for accounting jobs is always fierce. Positions in this sector tend to be well paid, and every company, whether they are a small independent firm or well known blue chip organisation, needs people to look after the finances.

As with any job, when it comes to chasing accounting jobs, such as credit control vacancies, it is important to put a lot of effort into your application. Preparing a good CV and making a good impression at interview is vital. You can have all the talent and experience in the world, but if you fail to put this across you are unlikely to succeed.

Highlighting your skills

A good CV could hold the key to your chances, so it’s important to get it right. Having a strong CV is not the same as having the right attributes and experience for the job, the information needs to be clear for the recruiter.

Your most recent credit control position should be at the top, and it should also carry the most detailed description of your role and duties. This is a good chance to provide a context for your skills that will highlight your suitability for the vacancy. For example, if you have credit manager experience you can say how many people were in your team and provide details of key projects you helped oversee, which will be directly relevant to specific credit control vacancies.

You should then work backwards through your accounting career, providing details of each organisation and the position you held within it. The further back you go, the less you need to write, as it is your recent work that will be of most interest.

With this done, you simply need to heed the basics of CV writing, including providing contact details and your education history, and checking thoroughly for spelling mistakes. You can also outline your IT proficiency in a separate section, as this is a key area for accounting jobs.

Making a good impression

If all goes well, you will find yourself selected for the interview stage. Now is your chance to really stake your claim for the credit control vacancy in question and highlight the skills required for jobs in this area.

You should emphasise your organisational ability and attention to detail, as well as your mathematical capabilities. All of these will be vital whatever the role, as accounting positions will involve chasing unpaid debts from clients and making sure all balance books are up to date.

Most roles will require you to work with people, both externally with clients and internally with fellow team members. As such, being able to display good people skills and evidence of previous experience working within a team will work to your advantage.

Using a recruitment agency

Of course, finding credit control vacancies that are right for you can be a challenge. Working alongside a recruitment agency will help you find suitable vacancies much faster, and what’s more you’ll get plenty of help and guidance to set you on the way to success.

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Good luck in your search.

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