5 Hot Career Resources for College Students and Recent Grads

276639499_f2b002ceaa_zAre you ready for your job search?  College students should be thinking about summer intern jobs and College Seniors should be thinking about “life after graduation” (it is never too early) and what the job market might look like in May (or whenever your graduation may be).  Last, but not least, there are all of you recent (and maybe even not so recent) College grads who have either lost their job  or are looking for a job.

This several different resources for College students and recent grads with lots of leads for your job search:

  • 10 Simply Awesome College & University Career Service Blogs – As the title indicates, this site lists the top college career blogs.  Too much information to cover here, but you should definitely look at the blogs as they offer some good information.  Additionally, there are some good links on the right-hand side of the site.

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  • Working with a Recruiter
    Recent Graduates – If you’ve recently graduated with your B.A and haven’t gotten any offers yet, try contacting Employment / Staffing Agencies to kick off your job hunt. Even if the first assignments aren’t ideal, they pay your bills and give you an introduction to the business world.
    Headhunters and Recruiters are likely to be looking for candidates with more experience or highly technical degrees. Employment agencies however, are usually happy to take on applicants with degrees as long as you are willing to work as a temp. At first, take anything you don’t despise, to show the agency that you are responsible and presentable. They will get feedback from the client and will gain confidence to place you at better assignments. Many even offer free computer training including accounting programs.
    “Temping” is a good way to get your foot in the door and make your own contacts. It gives the employer a chance to see how you work and if you fit in to their environment. If you find yourself on an assignment that you either don’t like or don’t feel is getting you what you need, give two week’s notice (if the assignment is shorter than that, better to see it through) and move on to the next assignment. If the agency is upset, move on to another agency. There are a lot of them out there.