10 Reasons for Considering a Career in Food Technology

Fruits and Vegetables in Grocery StoreFood technology is arguably one of the most important areas of food science that examines the actual production methods used to create the food we eat in as safe a manner as possible. A formal qualification in this area can look very appealing to a prospective employer within the food and drink industry but why should you opt to head down the food technology route?

1.     Open doors

By granting those who study it an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the science behind food, food technology allows people to enter a broad range of areas within the industry. Be it product development, food retail, catering management or a chef, a qualification in this area equips you to handle a diverse spectrum of jobs.

2.     Global appeal

By understanding how to work with food, you not only become suitable for a number of different food related jobs, you also gain the chance to broaden your horizons by working abroad. With the vital skills you learn of relevance across the globe, you can travel the world with your job and utilise your expertise among all kinds of different cultures and cuisines.

3.     Financial benefits

With the importance of good quality food technicians becoming increasingly apparent, demand for them is rising. The more value that is attached to the role, the more employers will be willing to pay in order to ensure their technicians are of the very best standard available. For example, the average annual salary for a food technologist in the UK is over £24,800, with those who progress to a senior management level earning as much as £65,000.

4.     Growing health concerns

Many cultures are beginning to make the move away from processed foods in favour of more organic and natural produce. This is great news for food technicians, as their nutritional and chemical insight means they are perfectly equipped to help manufacturers produce food that consumers will want to eat, meaning they can capitalise on this growing trend.

5.     Improve standards

Food technicians don’t just work with ingredients; they also help develop the packaging used to contain the food, the techniques used to prepare it and the methods used to preserve it. This means you really can be a trailblazer by helping to improve the overall standards of the catering industry as a whole.

6.     Reduce waste

For those with a consideration for the environment, food technology aims to find ways of using natural produce in a safe and renewable manner by reducing plant and animal waste; therefore the perfect career for lovers of both food and nature.

7.     Increased access to information

Studying food technology grants you a deep understanding of how food is produced. It also puts you in a position to help inform others via the detailed information now incorporated onto packaging; helping both yourself and consumers as a collective make informed decisions regarding their dietary choices.

8.     Indulge all your passions

By combining issues that involve science, cookery and the environment, you can indulge a number of your interests with one area of study without limiting your career prospects.

9.     Constant improvement

Food technology equips you with knowledge of food. This will never leave you, allowing constant self-improvement and development of your skills.

10.  Teach the next generation

Having the knowledge of how to research and develop safe, sustainable food practices allows you to pass the gauntlet onto future generations so that standards can constantly be improved.

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