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Who’s Hiring Recent College Grads Vol 2

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Graduation953Education is what remains when one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” – Albert Einstein

You graduated when? It’s September and you don’t have a job yet? Have you heard these words  lately (like from your parents)? Okay, so it is September and you’ve been looking for a job (just like the 10’s of thousands of other job seekers out there) but you just haven’t found your thing yet. Maybe played a few video games while searching on the web for your job, but you have been mostly job hunting. So, what next? So unless you are thinking about starting a leaf raking service for the Fall, it is time to refocus your job search.

September is actually a good time to find a job. Everyone has finished their vacations (potential hiring managers that is), kids are back in school (less distractions) and the rush is on to fill those job openings that are out there before the year ends. The best place to start when you refocus your job search is the basics, which of course starts with your resume and works through everything that is included in the Job Search Marketing Toolkit.

Resumes & Resources:

  • Recent College Graduate Resume – This list of links, from one of my favorite college career sites –, provides a number of different resources to help you in writing or updating your resume. The links provide examples, templates and advice on references.  This is the best place to start if you are reviewing or writing your resume.

Recruiting & Job Search:

  • – This site focuses on recruiting for college grads. It appears to work like most job search sites – sign up (add your resume), employers search for you and then, according to the site “add you to their list”. You can do a job search by several different criteria.
  • – This site offers quite a few options. You can click on “student central” – which focuses on entry level jobs, “alumni central” – which focuses jobs for recent grads and “Career Services Central” – which allows you to connect with mentors. The site also has a job search kit, which provides resources on resumes, cover letters and interviews. There are also a very wide range of articles on the first page.
  • – Aftercollege offers searches for internships and entry level jobs. You can register or just search. You can search by job categories and there are a number of job tools on the main page. This site also has “endorsements” which are similar to recommendations on LinkedIn, which allows professors, managers or anyone you want to put in the good word for you.
  • – As the name of this site implies, it is a job search engine that focuses on entry level Tech jobs. You can post your resume, search for jobs and peruse the information the IT Resources page. The home page is divided into the main Tech job categories for easy search.
  • – In addition to providing a newsletter, a blog and career advice, this site matches employers with college students and graduates. In order to enroll in their program, your school must have signed up to participate (you can check to see which schools are included). They also have a link to “Student Union” which is an online community and resource.
  • – This is an alliance between NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), employers and a number of other associations. Clicking on the Student link takes you to a page that has links to the NACElink Network (job search and career center), Jobweb (employer profiles and job search articles), Jobchoice (career development and job search guide) and “Playing Fair” (rights and responsibilities as a job searcher).
  • JobWeb – This site offers career and job-search advice for new college graduates. The main page has a section for job search (for college students and alumni), research employers (some are listed on the page with a link for additional searches), Market yourself (sounds like good advice), Job Market (top 10 majors in demand) as well as some additional links.

Career Advice:

  • – This site provides a broad range of articles, advice and links to help Entry Level and College Grads in their search.
  • – As per their website banner, eRecruiting is the “Nation’s Largest Network of Students, Employers and Universities”. You start by selecting the state in which you school is located, followed by the school name. It looks like you first need to get an id from your school (there are instructions on the screen). There is also a link for Employers to post their jobs. Ask your college career office for additional information.
  • CollegeRecruiter – As per the site’s banner – “Featuring hundreds of thousands of internships for college students and entry level jobs for recent graduates”. You can post your profile by clicking “MyCollegeRecruiter” and follow the links for registering. From the main page you can search for jobs or follow the links for internships (a pretty amazing list) or click on entry level jobs (another amazing list).

Good luck in your search.

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