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That Tweet About My Boss Wasn’t Such a Good Idea

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1328101865_Thumbs_downIt’s true: You could get Fired due to misuse of social media.

Take a look at a long list of terminations due to social media, and you’ll see that one misstep can mean the difference between “employed” and “unemployed.”

Not only will you need to be careful on social media in order to keep your job – but you should also do the same if you want to get your next dream job.


Your (Future) Employer is Watching

It is quite normal for employers to keep track of what their employees are doing on social networks.  If you decide to tweet about your boss – he or she has a decent chance of seeing it.

Lauren Fisher reports that 44 percent of companies track their employees on social media, according to a survey.  But this isn’t just their use in the office, though.  The number is true for what happens inside and outside of the office.

Job seekers should also take note of the numbers.

Erik Sherman notes that one in 10 young job hunters have been rejected due to their social media posts.  Those between the ages of 16 and 34 are particularly at risk for having their Facebook or Twitter account get in the way of their job search.

A staggering 91 percent of hiring managers used social networks to screen possible employees, reports Sherman in a separate survey.


Using Social Media Carefully

There is some common sense that should be used with social media.  After all, a derogatory comment made towards a boss or customer could easily lead to termination.

This is especially the case with some industries.

Healthcare, education, and customer service industries have made for popular news stories with employee terminations due to social media.  Visibility remains a key issue for social media posts that can be seen by the public.

Checking your company’s policy on social media can save you from an unfortunate incident.

Some frown upon or even ban its use at the office, while others look upon it positively for networking, team building, and for marketing purposes.

Even if it is the latter case, you should make sure social media does not undermine your productivity – keep your “social media breaks” separate from your work.


Finding the Purpose for Social Media at Work

Maintaining balance is key for being able to use social media effectively at work.  Perhaps it can be a positive thing for your job and career.

If your company is OK with it, use social media networks to get ahead.  From troubleshooting a bug with a company on Twitter to some graphic inspiration on Pinterest, good can come from social media in an office setting.  Perhaps you can communicate effectively to co-workers with a Facebook group.

Maintain that balance for the best results.  Remember that it should not be a distraction to your work day, and it should never jeopardize your relationship with your boss, co-workers, customers, or anyone.

Think twice before posting anything negative at all.

After all, your boss may see it.


About the Author: Brian Neese is an author that specializes in content marketing, social media, and SEO.  He has also written for and technological sites.

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Good luck in your search.
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