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MoneyIf you add in professional resume and cover letter writing services, designer business clothing, and travel expenses you could conclude, no doubt, that it costs a lot to start your career. For the average college grad, that’s simply not an option due to the debt that may have been amassed while getting an education.

But that doesn’t have to be the case if your are wise in the way you start your job search. There are some easy tips in each area that you can use to stretch your dollar and still impress potential employers.


Kicking off the job search

kickoffYou’re about to create what is the most important document in your career – though it will surely evolve over the course of your career. How will you create a resume that opens eyes?

Plenty of resources exist, and they start online.

Research what type of resume is appropriate for your industry and your experience.  Once you have that identified, you can scour the Internet for a format that is simple, clean, and professional – notably a one-page resume that highlights your best attribute (whether it is your education and/or relevant experience).

You’ll also find plenty of examples of good cover letters as well.

Make sure you note the style and format there too, making sure to tailor each cover letter to the specific company.

Get in touch with your college counselor – he or she will likely be happy to look over these two critical pieces to your career.  A close college professor would be a great resource as well.


Making That First Impression

You need to impress with your first impression – and some people pay a premium.

In some industries, you may need to wear a suit and tie to work every day. But even if that is the case in your future industry, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars now in the interview process.

For men and women, you can opt to purchase one or two versatile pieces of clothing that can mix and match for different looks (just in case you land that second and third interview!).

Imagine how many looks a man can put together with a white dress shirt, a black and gray suit, and a handful of ties. For many men, that could be enough suits for any occasion – weddings, funerals, and other events included. Consider what pieces you’ll need for any future interviews and shop around for a great deal on quality.

Your budget will almost certainly be tight at the moment.

Play it smart right now and you’ll see your budget hopefully expand with a great first job; then you can hire the professional resume writers and opt for designer clothing.

As part of your job search, how have you saved money and still made a good impression?


About the Author: Brian Neese is an author that specializes in content marketing, social media, and SEO.  He writes about technology, education, and how to manage finances.

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Good luck in your search.
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