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Killer Advice On Achieving Lifelong Job Security

That fateful day when you are beckoned into your boss’s office, and he looks at you with pity in his eyes and says: “I’m sorry, but we are going to have to let you go.” No one wants to go through this, especially if they have a family support and bills to pay. That is why you need to read the following killer advice on getting a secure job for life.

Make the right choice

To get job security, it’s vital that you pick the right career in the first place. Some jobs like tree surgeon, footballer, ballerina, and tattoo artist just don’t have longevity. Mainly due to the physical strains of the work. Of course, this is fine as long as you go into them aware of this, and have an alternative source of income for when you are no longer able to continue. Something we will go into more detail on later.

However, if job security is high up your list of priorities, then it is crucial you factor this into your career decision, or your change of career as early as possible. Yes, it may seem like no job is for life in today’s fluctuating market, but there are still some great roles, especially in the medical arena that will set you up for the long term.

These include nursing roles, doctor’s assistant posts, and even medical billing and coding operatives. Something that you can get trained up in by companies like Careerstep simply, and without too much expense. Allowing you to apply for roles that many institutions are desperate to fill, improving your employability, and your job retention prospects in the future.

Highlight your value

Next, to achieve lifelong job security, you need to be proactive about highlighting your value to your employer. No, I don’t mean going around with a sandwich board, listing all the tasks you’ve done that day. Instead, keep track of when you step in to do extra work that nobody else would, when you did unpaid overtime, or when you made a suggestion that had a positive impact on working processes and productivity.

Then, when it comes to your annual review, you can use this as evidence of your achievements throughout the year. Securing your position for the next cycle, and putting you in a much stronger place to ask for a raise or promotion.

Have a plan B

When aiming for lifelong job security, it never hurts to have a plan B either. Plan B being a role that you could move quickly and easily into if the need for your current position collapsed.

Having a plan B is useful because not only does it give you peace of mind, but it also allows you a certain amount of flexibility. Giving you the chance to change your role, if you aren’t feeling challenged enough by your current one. As well as increasing the odds of there being a secure role available for you when you most need it. Something that will help you stay employed steadily throughout your life. Even if it’s not in the same position for the entire duration.

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