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What’s your Unique Selling Point? It’s something that entrepreneurs ask themselves every day. Those who choose to make a living by starting their own businesses often agonise over how they will make themselves stand out in a busy, over crowded and hyper competitive marketplace. What can they offer their clients that nobody else can? What can they do better than anyone else? What unique skill, insight or trait do they bring to their operations that will keep customers coming back again and again.

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If you’re currently in the job market, you face a similarly competitive market where it’s increasingly difficult to stand out within the confines of a CV and cover letter. Nonetheless, it’s something that every successful candidate is able to do. Here we’ll look at some strategies to help your personality shine through alongside your skills and strengths to help you stand out from the crowd…

Believe in yourself!

It sounds cheesy and hollow, but believing in yourself is absolutely necessary for your personality to shine through a sheet of paper, pdf or word document. Unfortunately, most job seekers’ circumstances are hardly conducive to good self image. You may have been out of work for some time, scraping by on benefits or you may be slaving away in a job that’s going nowhere, desperately grasping for an opportunity that never seems to come.

Remember that nobody has the unique combination of skills, experience and insight that you have and those elements combine to form a valuable commodity for employers!
Get help marrying the technical with the creative
Cover letters and CVs are (or should be) expertly crafted to give prospective employers a lot of information very quickly. In an age where a position will likely have hundreds or even thousands of applicants, recruitment professionals will be incredibly stringent in what they’re looking for. Thus, it’s a good idea to work collaboratively with a CV writing service. They will help you to craft a technically proficient and information dense CV while infusing it with a sense of your own character and unique personality.

Embrace networking events

It’s so hard to encapsulate your personality in a cover letter, so don’t! Get out there and attend networking events so that people can get to know the real you. Employers don’t want compliant worker drones, they want to employ people they’ll enjoy working alongside and a networking event is a perfect opportunity to “get yourself out there” in ways that will never be matched within the confines of a cover letter.
Say it with social media

Most employers are actively engaged with social media, so this can be a great outlet for you to start a dialog with them. Reaching out on social media to let them know how excited you are to attend an interview or tagging them in a post stating that you’ve just submitted your application is a great way to invite prospective employers to get to know you.

That said, you must also be very conscious of what people can see on your social media feed so you may need to scrutinise it to make sure that what you post, share and comment on is unimpeachable in the eyes of an employer.

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