Becoming A Trader; 3 Things To Do

Starting a new career as a tradesman can be one of the best things you decide to do with your life! It gives you the chance to do manual labor, which is a welcome change in the 21st century as we all work in offices. You can be your own boss and do something that you have a passion for, a real craft! However, it’s not all fun and games, you have to ensure that you have the right preparation before you start, so here are the 3 things you must do before you completely commit to this new career!

Go On A Course

If you’re new to the craft and have very little experience, which will be most people that are reading this, then it’s very beneficial to go on a course to get you started. By going on one of these courses, you are taught the necessary skills to perform your job by an expert in the field, and you are given time to practise your craft! Companies like AbleSkills offer a wide array of different courses, so you can find one to suit you! They also range in skill levels too, so if you’re returning to a craft or if you’ve got some home experience, you can choose where to start. Giving you more experience means that people are more likely to hire you for a job, no one wants an unqualified tradesmen so to avoid a lack of employment it is recommended that you do this!

Have You Got The Gear?

This is integral to anyone who works in a craft. Unless you work for a large firm, you will not have your equipment supplied to you! So, you have to make sure that you have the equipment you need so you are able to carry out any job that may be required of you. If you get into a job and realize that you don’t have the right tools you could be in some serious trouble, so always make sure that you have the right selection of equipment before taking on any jobs, the likes you can get from Screwfix. Having the equipment is not just enough though, you have to be able to transport it somewhere! This is why it’s useful to invest in a tool backpack an easy portable solution for all your tools!

Get Some Qualifications

Similar to going onto an introductory course, this is the part of the puzzle that completes it! Having experience and a qualification is much better than just having experience. It shows potential employers and customers that you are “officially” good at what you do, meaning you are more likely to get the job! Services like City and Guilds offer qualifications of varying crafts and skill levels, giving you the ability to find one perfect for you.

Following any of these tips will help you on the way to becoming a tradesman, however it is heavily advised that you do all of these things! They work very well in tandem with each other, and so by doing all of them they will boost your chances of a successful career! If you’re just coming back onto the career ladder from a break from work, read this to help you as well!

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  • Joeseph

    Excellent article and trades are the way to go these days. Most kids go to college now only to find there are only so many white collar (managerial) jobs available and since they didn’t take college ultra seriously (probably because mom and dad were paying the bill) they are qualified enough to get the limited positions. So now the ticket is trades school. Some kids can make over $100,000 right out of a 3-6 month trades school course. Mike Rowe talks about this all the time (the host of “Dirty Jobs” tv series).

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