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‘Appy Days: Expert Career Advice For Aspiring Developers

At different points in history, there are things that happen that spark a trend in certain jobs and careers. During wartime, there was a trend in medical careers as we desperately needed more and more medics at that time. Fast forward to 2017 and the world is an entirely different place. These days, our world is almost run by the internet and digital technologies. So much so that almost everything we do involves an application of some kind. Whether it’s an app on our phone that navigates us to work or a piece of software on a computer that allows us to compose documents; everyone uses apps.

Consequently, the demand for apps increases, which also leads to a demand for people that develop these apps. Therefore, an app developer is very much the trending job in today’s society. It’s a career that’s very easy to find work in, but it’s also a career full of competition. So, how do you go about differentiating yourself from the rest of the people out there?

That’s where the information in this post comes in handy, as I’ll be giving you some expert advice that can help you get the most out of your career.

Make Life Easier For Yourself

The first piece of advice I’ll give is that you need to stop making your life harder for yourself. There are certain aspects of app development that are more difficult and painstaking than others. If you figure out how to get around these difficult tasks and make them easier, then it will benefit your career. One of the first things that come to mind is logging your application. When things happen, you need to have a note of them in your log. Doing this in itself will automatically make you a better developer than anyone that doesn’t.

However, what’s difficult is accessing your logs as quickly as can be. A lot of developers take a long time to do this because of the software they’re using. As such, it makes their life harder and also slows down the whole process, which might leave clients a little unhappy. But, when you use something like Stackify, it contains cloud logging so you can access your application log wherever you are. As a result, you’ve made your life a lot easier, and you can quickly solve issues without any fuss. When your job is easy, it’s hard to fail at it.

Build A Portfolio

In a career like this, you’re ultimately judged on how good you are at your job. The easiest way for people to do this is to look at some of your previous work. It will show them everything they need to know about you; how long it took you to create an app, how well the app works, and so on. The more examples of finished products you can show them, the more impressed they might be.

So, you have to build a portfolio of as much work as possible. If you’ve never worked on an app before, and never been hired, don’t worry. All you have to do is start building things from scratch by yourself. Come up with a handful of app ideas and make them work. This will still show off your talents and go a long way to securing your first job. Likewise, if you worked on apps during your studies, include them in your portfolio. As your career progresses, your portfolio may become unbelievably large. At this point, you should whittle it down to a selection of your most impressive and exciting projects. This saves people time as they don’t have to pour through all your pieces of work.

Be More Involved

Most of the time, companies rarely see the developer they’re working with. So, it’s a big change when you actually make an effort to go and meet with clients and show that you’re invested in the project.

It makes you seem more involved in the work and part of the project you’re working on, rather than just a middle-man on the side. It also gains you more respect, which can build your reputation as a great developer. A really simple piece of advice, but you’re be surprised how much of an impact this tiny thing can have on your career.

There’s no denying that your career as an app developer won’t always be full of ‘appy days. However, by using this advice, you’ll take some huge strides in ensuring you’re a lot ‘appier than the competition! Puns aside, you will find this advice helpful, and it will help you push yourself apart from the other developers out there.

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