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6 Unbeatable Video Interview Tips

Many successful companies are finding that outsourcing projects and positions outside the local office to a remote office is more ideal in cutting back and saving on expenses. With this increase, companies have used the technology of video interviews to scan through the ideal candidate for the position. This sounds easy enough, sit at home, do a quick video chat with the hiring manager, and get the job. However, there are some unbeatable tips that will ensure your success in landing the job with the company.

Keep Professional

Whether you have a remote office somewhere or your office is merely in your spare bedroom at home, the first key to achieving a successful video interview is providing a professional environment. Hiring managers don’t pay favor to lots of clutter in the background of obscene or offensive images. The key is to keep the background clean and clear, and beware of your surroundings. Along with an organized and clean background, you want to make sure the lighting is well efficient enough for the hiring manager to clearly see you and your serenity behind what you have to say.

Be Well Prepared

As if you are preparing for your school play, or asking that hot girl out on a date, you want to rehearse. Be prepared as to what you are going to say. Have a list of things that are key points you think would help the hiring manager pick you for the position. If possible, prepare a list of answers to questions you think they are going to ask so you will not look like a “deer in headlights” when they ask you certain questions. Try practicing in front of your mirror or for friends or family to get the idea of someone listening and watching back at you. Better yet, try a “trial recording” and send it to a few people. This will help in giving the most accurate feedback for the actual event.

Look Like the Part

Despite the idea that you will only be seen from the neck up, you want to dress and look as professional and “put together” as you can. So as tempting as putting on a nice shirt and possibly even throwing on a tie for good measures on, but leaving your boxers flying in the breeze, be conscience enough to put a nice pair of pants on to finish the look. When picking your wardrobe, be conscience that patterns and prints look different on camera than in real life. Be cautious as to matching correctly and appealing to the eye. To stay on the safe side, it’s suggested to stick with solid colors.

 Let the Real You Shine

Be sure to try and charm the hiring managers with your best personality. Let the best “you” come out. Engage in small talk like you would in person. If you can look past the screen, visualize you are sitting at the table with the hiring manager. Make sure to smile and look interested in what they have to say. Chances are they are tired of seeing one interview after the other, so you want to make sure you shine and stand out.

Show Some Excitement

Nobody wants to talk to a “fuddyduddy” and no one wants to hire one either. Showing that you are excited for your position and the knowledge and skills you possess to fit their requirements will play favor amongst the hiring managers. Keep in mind, that in a video interview you have to reach out past the screen. Your emotions and excitement have to reach the viewer’s not just the screen. So typically putting emphasis on your excitement and enthusiasm will reach the managers as an eagerness for the position, more so than in a face to face interview.

Testing One Two Three

Is this mic on? Don’t be alarmed or surprised if the hiring managers record your video interview. Typically recording is done so they can go back and compare and contrast the different applicants. Maybe, the person conducting the interview needs to share with higher up, either way is mindful as to what you say.

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