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5 Strategic Job Search Tips

To be unemployed is a distressing experience and is not what one would wish for anyone. If you are continuously failing in finding the right job, you have to understand that it’s not always about your eligibility and skills. One has to really plan while appearing for interviews and while searching for jobs. This post presents some useful strategies for effective job search.

Industries are getting competitive day-by-day and getting a lucrative job has become immensely difficult. Even if you possess the right skill set and education, you may not find an appropriate job. Today, it has all become about your attitude and confidence that you project, and the presence of mind you implement while searching for a job. Switching a job can be the most frustrating part as search for an apt job is very difficult. So, if you have been looking for jobs, you must consider your job search as one of the most significant work projects that you’ll ever undertake. For this, you need to be as committed, organized and professional as you are with your regular job.

Create a strategic overview of your entire job search plan and then you can keep a daily or weekly to-do list that outlines specific commitments about what you have to accomplish with your deadline for the task. Also jot down the important notes at the end.

You can also implement some below given practices to attain the desirable job.

Look Up

As per Duke University /CFO Magazine survey, about 33 percent CFO’s believe that hiring a person who is bit junior for a job opening can be quite effective. They believe that it is relatively easy to train and it also gives job seekers a great opportunity to get appointed on a position for which they possess good potential, if not all the skills and professional experience. Thus, while searching for jobs, not just apply for only those jobs where you believe you’ll fit in perfectly instead you need to broaden your search.

Showcase your growth potential

A majority of companies prefer hiring the people who show willingness for learning new skills and expand their industry knowledge with the changes happening around the world. Thus, if you are constant learner it’s better to spell out the ways you have been doing. For example, if you are a web developer and you have recently learned a new web development tool, add that to your professional resumes and profiles even if they are on social networking sites.

Target the growing companies

As per the Right management study, majorly there are two types of organizations – one those experience continuous growth and increased manpower requirement, the other types of companies are those that expect more sluggish staffing up. It’s always better to look for jobs in the companies which are hopeful, ambitious and growth oriented. While both types of companies may post jobs, the ones that are ambitious may hire quickly as compared to the others which may show slow progress even in the hiring process.

Wider and immediate networking

First of all, look out for people who are in your immediate network and work for the enterprises you would also like to work for, or who are doing the type of work that you also want to do. This way, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded and similar growth-oriented people. Once you develop a good network, tell them what you aspire for and ask them to look for job requirements in the companies where they are working. Sometimes, companies do not advertise the jobs and hire only through references. Organizing informational interviews with such people can also be a good idea.

Do not appear despondent and desperate

There are lot of people who want to help you but if you appear like some who is giving up the battle, your career advisers, peers and people in your network may doubt your employability and ability to grow in your job. Keep your job search ongoing and even if you are disappointed with the way your efforts are turning up, do not disclose your worries to the people. Maintaining a positive and pleasant demeanour can be little difficult under the taxing situation like being unemployed but your negative approach is also not going to help you. Always be mindful about how you appear in front of others.


Author Bio The author is a professional writer associated with an international job consultancy firm. She enjoys occasional blogging too. Mostly he shares her views on the jobs and Career in UAE and other Gulf countries. 

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Good luck in your search.

Joey Trebif

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