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5 Important Things to Know When Applying for a Job in Australia

Over the last decade, Australia has maintained its position as one of the strongest rated sovereigns in the world. In 2016, Fitch Ratings reported that the country’s remarkable credit rating stems from its high economic income, strong institutions, effective governance, and the growing recognition of the Australian dollar as a reserve currency. Australia’s booming economy allowed for more infrastructure and public projects to be created, leading to more job opportunities. Whether you’re a fresh graduate looking for his first job, a professional looking to change careers, or a skilled migrant planning to work in Australia, here are 5 important things you can consider:

Be Familiar with the Australian Job Market and Culture

Foreigners who want to work and eventually migrate to Australia need to do a lot of research into the country’s job market and its culture in general. Aside from providing information about visa requirements, the Australian government’s official websites also give an overview of the country’s culture, educational system, environment, industries, and job opportunities. Proper research about the country would benefit any potential workers because employers appreciate foreign applicants who are well versed with their workplace ethics and practices.


Strengthen Your English Proficiency

Communication skills are important in any workplace. Most employers place a high value on the applicants’ ability to speak efficiently. Even locals who have resided in the country for a long time would do well to update their English skills. Lack of confidence in communicating can create difficulties such as social withdrawal and career compromise.

An English proficiency test is usually conducted for foreigners who want to migrate in the country. It will also be advantageous for migrants to familiarise themselves with the Australian vernacular so that they’ll be able to know the meaning of words like chockers, mozzie, ripper, arvo, bottle-o, servo, slab, and other useful daily terms. Conversing daily with a native speaker will also help in building your vocabulary and help you gaining confidence in speaking the language.


Create an Impressive Resume

An individual’s resume is his primary introduction to any prospective employer. It should be written well in order to leave a lasting impression with the hiring committee. A great resume should reflect the applicant’s knowledge of the industry he’s trying to get into, and contain his detailed work history and accomplishments. It should also show the individual’s creativity and passion for the job he’s applying for.

Most companies would also require cover letters to be submitted with the resume. Make sure both your cover letter and resume are free of grammar and spelling errors. Paying attention to little details such as these reflect positively on the applicant, giving their prospective employer a glimpse into their good work ethics.


Access the “Hidden Job Market”

According to Melbourne-based career coach Naishadh Gadani, only 17.2% of the jobs are advertised in Australia. 83% of these jobs are unadvertised or part of Australia’s “hidden job market.”

While some companies use e-Recruitment systems or advertise through newspapers, most of the job positions available are not being made public. Locals and migrant workers can tap into this hidden job market through volunteering, attending career fairs, enrolling in online courses, applying to international and national recruiting agencies, building a network, or simply applying in person to Australian companies.


Build on Your Qualifications and Skills

Even with a big number of talent shortage and job listings available in Australia, an applicant will still need to compete with thousands of other candidates to get the job. Building on your existing skills gives you the extra edge over your competitors. Locals who are looking to change careers would benefit from taking extra courses or updating their knowledge on various software and technological tools they can use in the workplace.

Migrants who want to secure a job in Australia will benefit more if they have their skills assessed through an RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning process, whether their trade is horticulture, patisserie, commercial cookery, events management, or travel and tourism. This will help you in having your skills officially certified or recognised, giving you a better chance in being noticed by prospective employers. The government also has Skill Select, an online service that helps the country manage its skilled migration program. This service prioritises people who have skills, qualifications, and experience and evaluates them if they can be granted a skilled migrants visa.

Australia offers a lot of job opportunities, especially for skilled individuals. Both locals and migrant workers would benefit from doing exhaustive research into the culture and current job market environment. Job hunting can be a tiresome and major feat, but keeping these 5 important things in mind will guide any applicant in securing their dream job in Australia.

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