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4 Simple Steps To Advance Your Healthcare Career

Careers in the healthcare industry are incredibly diverse. At the top end of the scale, you have people in fantastically well-paid jobs, earning more than the average wage in the country. Then, at the lower end, you’ve got people that don’t earn as much as they perhaps should, and are taking home around the average wage, if not less.

As such, there are many people with jobs in this industry that are left feeling overworked and underpaid. It means job satisfaction is very low, which is never a good thing for anyone. When you’re not satisfied with your job, it makes you feel very unmotivated to travel to work every day. Especially in an industry like this where you work very long shifts, deal with a lot of tough things, then see someone in the same institution as you earning double your wage.

Of course, the thing about careers in healthcare is that people do them because they’re passionate about the industry. They want to make a difference in people’s lives, so the prospect of ditching their career path is off the table. If you’re reading this, then there’s every chance this applies to you. In which case, the best option is to look at how you can advance your healthcare career and become one of those top earners. At the very least, this should give you more job satisfaction as you’ll finally be earning as much as you probably deserve.

Re-Educate Yourself

So many careers in the healthcare industry are layered. By this I mean there are tiers to them, you’ve got entry-level careers, then more advanced careers. Nursing is a great example of this, nurses make up the largest part of the healthcare system in America, but not all nurses are the same. You have some that undergo basic Registered Nurse training, which qualifies them for all the typical entry-level jobs. But, if you studied a more advanced nursing degree, you could open the possibilities for more advanced jobs. The great thing is, these days you could study an online RN to BSN Degree, without having to leave your current nursing job or go back to college. The same applies to so many other jobs in the healthcare field too. Dentistry is another career where you undergo one type of training to qualify as a dentist, but you can re-educate yourself and study to become an orthodontist, which is a more advanced job with greater benefits. No matter where you look in this industry, there will be opportunities to re-educate, learn more skills, and gain the right to apply for better jobs that advance your career.


Research Institutions Before You Work There

A lot of people will apply for the first healthcare job they can find. They don’t bother to do any research on the institution they’re applying to work in, which I find to be a bit strange. Most other people that apply for jobs will research the companies they apply for. It’s just common knowledge, you do so to see what it’s like working there. Thinking about things from the perspective of someone wanting to advance their career, there’s one key thing to look for. Does the institution promote from within? Let’s say you’re thinking about working in one hospital, and you do your research and find that lots of people got promoted from low-rank jobs to senior roles. It would be great for the advancement if your career if you worked in a place like this. You’ll know that hard work gets rewarded, and there’s a chance you could move up through the ranks internally.

On the flip side, if you find an institution never promotes from within, then it can hinder your career if you work there. Or, more accurately, you could work there, but realize that the time will come when you should look elsewhere for a new job as the current institution are unlikely to offer a promotion.
Create A Network Of Contacts In The Industry

Networking is something everyone should do in any career field. It helps you become more well-known in the industry and opens so many different windows of opportunity for you. As a healthcare professional, having a lot of contacts means you can talk to people in different institutions with varying levels of experience. Who knows, someone you network with might become a mentor to you, and teach you valuable lessons that help you in your career. Or, you could have contact with people who decide to start their own healthcare institution, and they want to hire you for a job. The bigger your network, the more chances you have to further your career in this industry.


Open Your Own Healthcare Institution

Lastly, you could take a giant leap and start your own healthcare business. Granted, this tip isn’t applicable to everyone that has a job in this industry. But, if you’re a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist, you could easily start your own institution. You could open a private practice where patients come and get seen. By doing this, you advance your career all the way to the top and become your own boss! Like I said, this isn’t for everyone, but it’s still an idea you may consider.

There’s no denying that healthcare careers can be very difficult to advance. The main reason is that it’s not the same as most other jobs. In some places of work, you can advance your career by simply asking for a pay rise or promotion. In the healthcare world, it’s much harder than that. Hospitals, and other institutions are already struggling for money, so they can’t afford to hand out raises and promotions all the time. Plus, in other areas of work, new jobs are often created to help people move up the ladder. Again, you don’t see that in this industry.

Having said that, there are still ways you can advance your career. Follow the advice in this guide if you’re a nurse, doctor, dentist, surgeon – you name it – and you can move forward in your professional life.

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