What’s on Your Bucket List?

ListIf you’re like everyone else, you have a list of dreams that you want to fulfill before you die. For some, it’s a personal goal, like writing a book. Others want to travel the world, stand on a Hollywood red carpet during a premier, pet a tiger or go scuba-diving off the Florida Keys. There are as many different bucket lists as there are people. The real question here isn’t what’s on your bucket list; rather, it’s what are you doing to fulfill those dreams?

You need to write down your bucket list and prioritize it in two ways. First, write down things that are easy to start right now, especially things that may take time. Compiling a family history, for example, is a long-term project that is easy to start immediately. The second set of priorities is for things you want to do above all others, even though they are much harder to do right away. Items that involve travel generally take up a large part of this section.

Next, create an action plan. A bucket list is useless if you just set it up and look at it. Financing is a big part of this. Leverage your accounting and finance background to determine how to pay for the items on your bucket list. Time management will be another large section of your action plan. Look for ways you can do the inexpensive and simple items now to keep you motivated and excited about doing all the other big things later. Do not ignore personal health in your action plan. It does you no good to put off that big trip to Europe only to find that your health and stamina are not up to the challenge.

Share your new plans with the people you care about. If you’re married, you will probably include your spouse in these plans anyway, and you may want to create your bucket list as a couple. Don’t ignore other people in your life, though. Talk to your children, siblings, dear friends and others about the things that you long to do. This accomplishes two purposes. First, you can get moral support for your bucket list. Second, you never know who can help you fulfill the list items.

Review your list on a regular basis. Mark off the things you’ve done and add new items. Organize your memories of the fulfilled items and think about how you want to preserve them. You could start a bucket list photo album, scrapbook or blog. Think about new things you haven’t included and how you can put your next major item in motion.

Bucket lists shouldn’t be static. Record your dreams, prioritize them, act on them, share them and change them. The most important step to creating and acting on your bucket list is to get started now. Time slips past faster than any of us want to admit.

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