Five Unusual Vocational Career Paths

ListsBy Caitlin Murphy on behalf of Redstone College

You don’t have to earn a traditional degree or work a desk job to be successful. In reality, there are plenty of vocational training programs that will prepare you for satisfying careers in a variety of industries. If the idea of attending a four-year university and sitting in a cubicle for the rest of your life just isn’t appealing, you should consider one of these five unusual vocational career paths instead.

  1. Fire Scientist – If you’re fascinated by fire and enjoy living on the edge, pursuing a career as a fire scientist might be right up your alley. Fire scientists work in a variety of fields. Some work with controlled explosions while others locate and repair gas leaks. Still others work as arson investigators for government agencies. The job title may be strange, but the work is challenging and fulfilling.
  1. Avionics Mechanic – If you have mechanical aptitude and enjoying being in or near airplanes, this career may be right for you. Avionics mechanics and technicians install, test, inspect, repair and adjust avionic equipment, which may include missile control systems, navigational systems, radio and radar. In other words, they work behind the scenes to ensure that avionics equipment is functioning properly. With the right avionics training, a variety of jobs should be available to you.

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  1. Crab Fisherman – Although the guys on TV often make it look easy, the truth is that being a crab fisherman is tough, dangerous work. However, it can also lead to a really amazing payday. You shouldn’t pursue this career based on dollar signs. Pursue it because you love the idea of being out on the open ocean for weeks on end. You should also be prepared to be pushed to the absolute limit physically and mentally.
  1. Construction Manager – Construction is a field with many different opportunities beyond being a construction worker. With an associate degree in construction management, you could work your way up to supervise the men and women who complete the actual physical labor.
  1. Oil Rig Worker – Working on oil drilling platforms and rigs can be grueling, but it’s definitely not boring. To compensate the people who work these demanding jobs, oil companies tend to offer very competitive compensation packages. As with many of the other jobs on this list, you’ll be out in the field 99 percent of the time. This career offers plenty of excitement for those who seek it.

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Sometimes, the best jobs are the ones that push people to their limits. If one of these careers appeals to you, enroll in the right vocational training program today

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