7 College Skills You Can Actually Use At Work

graduation capCollege teaches students more than just the material in their textbooks. It teaches lifelong skills that can help professionals be exceptional at what they do. Students who quickly grasp and learn how to manage the skills they are taught away from their reading and lectures have a better chance at success when they head to their first job.

Here are seven essential skills students gain at college that they can actually use in the workforce.

  1. Clear and Concise Writing – Those research papers that many students dread can actually help them prepare for the real world when they will have to submit status updates and reports. This skill is valuable as being able to communicate on paper in a clear and concise format can help professionals gain exposure among their colleagues and upper management that has the potential to lead to a promotion or better jobs.
  2. Organization Skills and Time Management– Students have a lot on their plate to balance. Between jobs, study sessions, projects for multiple classes and of course a healthy social scene, balancing time to get assignments and commitments taken care of is essential. In college, students are forced to learn how to live on their own and manage their own schedule. If a student is successful in college they will have mastered this for the real world which can help them manage their time and stay organized at work when multiple projects are tossed in their direction.
  3. Research Abilities – Doing research is an important part of a majority of jobs. Research helps businesses to understand various markets and potential which can mitigate risk. It helps professionals in the healthcare industry find new treatments and cures. And it helps teachers understand new teaching methods as well as new material to help their students learn the required curriculum. When professionals can use their research skills on the job, they are more likely to succeed in their position after college as well.
  4. Strong Presentations – In nearly every position, people will be asked to give a presentation at one point or another. When students get comfortable in college speaking in front of a room full of people, they are better prepared to enter a conference room and speak in front of their peers presenting new ideas. Their ability to effectively communicate ideas and findings in front of a room full of people can have a profound effect on their career.
  5. Exceptional Teamwork – Professionals have to work together to achieve a common goal. In many universities, teamwork is an important part of the curriculum. Students must manage their schedules around other student’s schedules and meet to work cohesively on a specific project. This is commonly done in the real world as well. When students know how to work well with others, they can use these skills to help the teams they will work with after college generates exceptional results which can help them to advance their career.
  6. Creative Thinking – Students in college are not handed easy assignments. This is done on purpose to help students think more creatively about solutions and find the best possible approach to solve specific problems. In the real world, this is done in much of the same way. There are no right answers and instead, professionals must find the best solution to a problem to be great at what they do. When students learn to think creatively in the classroom, they are better prepared to take on challenges in the workplace.
  7. Taking Notes – Note taking is an art form and when a mass of information is headed in a student’s direction they must take great notes so that they can study the right material and pass the test. On the job, this is not uncommon either. Boss’s will bark orders as they jet off to their next meeting and professionals are required to take notes in a way that will allow them to complete the task to the best of their ability.

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Students who can absorb these skills and master them in the college setting set themselves up for success at their future position. Not only will they be great at their specific subject but they will also be an all-around exceptional employee at their company.

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