College Grad’s Guide to Dressing for an Interview

successWhen you are a young college grad who is just out of school, Australia can suddenly seem like a fairly unwelcoming place. It always feels like there are fewer jobs than there are applicants, and if you have mostly worked for your family or in part-time jobs, the prospect of an interview can be a little terrifying. If you want to make sure that you are prepared, however, make sure that you consider how you are dressed!

First, scope out the place where you have applied. Look at the people who are walking in and out. If the dress code says business casual but you see everyone in rather more formal attire, mimic what you see, not what their website tells you. Remember that the key to dressing for an interview is to signal that you belong there.

Choose a suit with good lines. This does not mean that you need to go get a bespoke suit; after all, not everyone has tons of money to throw around! Instead, get a good suit off the rack. Choose one that you know fits you across your broadest point, whether that is through your shoulders or your stomach. Then take the suit to a place to have it altered to fit you well. This alone can win you a second glance.

While the suit does not have to be custom made, why not kick your outfit up a notch by throwing in some custom made accessories? A custom made tie is  an easy way to give your outfit a focal point and to make sure that you get some attention. A great custom made time is created using the most luxurious materials around, giving you a chance to shine.

Remember not to neglect your shoes. The old saying goes that you can learn a lot about a many by his shoes, and if you are someone who is invested in making sure that you make a good impression, choose shoes that are not worn and that have been recently shined. If you do not have access to a shoe shine place, it is very easy to pick up some shoe polish and to take care of it yourself.

Are you ready for your big post-college interview? Whether you are in Sydney or Canberra, you need to look like you are ready for everything, and this starts with your wardrobe. Don’t forget that how you look matters, so dress your best and aim to please!

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Hayley is a freelance blogger and part time fashion consultant. She recommends custom made ties as a cornerstone of any business wardrobe.

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