Changing Careers in Later Life

ChangeHands up all of those of you who feel totally bored and deflated by their present career? That’s a good number of you then! No doubt it was the very title of this article that grabbed your attention in the first place. But apart from doing copious amounts of whining about our present career in life, it is shocking to consider how few people actually set out in the determination to do anything about it.

There are myriad different excuses for why people generally just tend to plod on with their present career and fail to do anything to change their path in life. Foremost amongst these are the fact that you might be afraid of the unknown – you may be bored by your present career but at least you always know what you’re doing and this does provide you with a good level of security.

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You may also have a good number of financial obligations to adhere to in life: e.g. a mortgage, children etc. and the very idea of changing your career now is likely to seem to be a very risky gamble. Also, perhaps you may feel anxious about looking for work in your new career – how would you go about this and how would you be able to prove that you are worthy of such a job above umpteen other candidates?

The simple fact of the matter is that 90% of the time, if you really do have realistic expectations over your new choice of career, you really could go about moving on to pastures new in life. It will definitely take plenty of courage and you will need to make sure you go about this in a sensible manner – but there really is nothing to stop you.

So, to get started, you will need to ascertain what qualifications are required in order for you to move into the new career choice. Don’t think you will have to leave your present job in order to undertake the study for this new career – you need to think about doing a part-time distance learning course or even evening classes; there are usually several choices of venues offering courses for qualifications towards your new career, so shop around and find out which learning institute will be the most suited to you and your personal circumstances.

Such courses could take many years to complete and I won’t lie to you, you will need to remain focus on that final goal and maintain your self-discipline throughout. But then at the end of the course, once you are awarded with the prerequisite qualifications needed to pursue your new choice of career – it really will be totally worthwhile.

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This is something I did myself in the past. In my earlier years I worked in the travel industry and absolutely loved it at the time; but then I studied law and managed to acquire a role working as a legal advocate – so if I can do it, trust me when I say that you can too!

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