Job Hunting with “Snail mail”

Definitions first. “job hunting” is when you use contacts (known or unknown) to discover potential opportunities while “job search” is when you search existing jobs (web or print) to try and find a match. Now, on to the topic.

When was the last time you received a letter at work from an individual? In today’s world, everyone sends their resumes via email. People even send their thank you notes after interviews via email. One job hunting strategy is to send your resume with a cover letter to a key contact at a company via snail mail.

How do you do this (we will get to the “why” later)? First, make a list of the companies that interest you. Then, using (or a similar site) as discussed in a previous post, look at the list of Corporate Officers and find the one that handles your area of interest (like the CFO if you are interested in Finance). Now, using the Corporate address, write your cover letter to this individual. When mailing, use a large envelope that allows your resume and cover letter to be sent without folding.

Now to the “and why would I do this?”. First, for the reasons I mentioned earlier, your resume will be one of the few (maybe the only) that arrives in this way. Even if your resume does not receive the personal attention of the individual, it will be delegated to someone who will give it special treatment which will hopefully lead to an interview. Does this work all of the time? No, but it does work very often.

I’ve listed links below to the area of several Fiancial Services Firms’ websites (there are lots of us from that industry scrambling for a job these days) that lists Corporate Officers. This information can generally be found under investor relations for most publicly held companies.

Happy hunting!

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