How To Land A Career As An Auto Transporter

When it comes to careers in the transportation industry, few are likely as exciting or diverse as those in the auto transportation realm. From commercial driving for trucks that carry automobiles to professional driving for individual vehicles to customer service in this arena, job prospects are often plentiful and varied. Depending on what your level of skill might be, there might be a number of places from which you can start on this career path.

To start, if you plan to drive a commercial tractor-trailer to transport vehicles, you need a special license known as a CDL, or commercial driver’s license. This license comes with a certain level of training in terms of how to properly care for and operate a large tractor-trailer on the road with other vehicles. This is key because many auto transport drivers move large fleets of cars using a large truck, so it is important to know just how to navigate on the road in one of these vehicles. It is only after obtaining this particular type of license that you can then apply for a job with an auto transport company to move vehicles.

On the other side, if you are far more interested in the customer service aspect of the auto transport industry, then you might apply for a customer service representative with the company of your choice such as A1AutoTransport. This should generally be a company geographically close to you, though there are some transport gigs that allow customer service representatives to work remotely. In addition to honing your customer service skills, it is important to know a bit about the industry. From asking customers about their car types, you also need to be able to talk comfortably about types of transport – in other words, you must know the difference between open air transport, container shipping for cars and fleet transport for car dealers – so that you be informative to your customers upon taking orders for transport.

The beauty of this industry is that there is always a need for these services, which means there is generally also a bevy of jobs usually available. It comes down to a matter of determining which aspect of the auto transport industry in which you want to work and then using existing skills, plus any new ones you may need to learn along the way, to get there. There are a ton of training opportunities available for those that want to master this industry, all of which can lead to a lasting, rewarding career.

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