Achieving the best ROI Possible at a Job Fair or Convention

PeopleThere is a world of talent out there, and if your company is looking to hire some of that talent sometimes the best way to do so is by attending a job fair or convention. In this case your return on investment will be new employees. To ensure a great ROI, you’ll need to approach things a bit differently than a sales trade show. Instead of selling your product you’ll need to sell the company to prospective hire

Be a Five Minute Interviewer

Usually when you are considering a new team member you would schedule an interview, but at job fairs you need to be prepared to get a quick sense of who the applicant is before the full interview.  However, you are in a room full of companies vying for their attention so you’ll only have a few minutes with each person. Have a quick interview prepared to get all the important knowledge you want beyond the resume. For example, ask why they are interested in the company and what unique skills they can bring to the position.

Play up The Company’s Best Qualities

Do you have a great benefits plan? Is your office environments one of the best in the city? Has your company won any prestigious business awards? Let attendees know all of this. Perhaps bring a positive, veteran employee along to really sell the idea of working with your company. Even though people are approaching you at this event, you still need selling points. Otherwise, another company is likely to snatch up all the talent.

Prepare and Practice

Think about all the time and preparation you put into your largest trade show events. Treat this, the same as you would any other company event. Prepare team members ahead of time, and practice interviewing with them if necessary. Also go over all the information you’ll want to get from each person you meet at the fair.

Be Ready for Questions

Think about the kind of questions interviewees usually ask at the end of the interview, and make sure you have all those answers up front. Know the ins and outs of each available position, and  have business cards or any useful collateral ready as well. The more informed the potential candidate the more likely they’ll keep your company in mind.

Brand Your Space

If you’ve been to a job fair, you’ve probably seen the companies that put in little effort to define their space. Even if all the space you are given is a folding table, it’s still your space. Brand it and make it your own. If potential hires can’t figure out who you are and what you do in a quick glance they’ll have no incentive to visit your table at all. Small spaces shouldn’t constrict you from making a splash, there are a variety of portable banner stands, tabletop displays and other accessories that can make a small space look very impressive.

People want to work for a company with drive and passion for what they do. If you follow these tips visitors will see that you’re generally interested in having them work for you, which means a higher return on your job fair investment. You’ll leave the fair confident you’ve received the resume of the “next big thing” in your industry.

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