5 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Job Search


Finding your perfect job is going to take more than just searching through your local paper, logging onto online job sites and sending your resume to recruiters. These are useful of course and should be a part of your overall job search plan (see The Four Legs of Job Search), but if you’re serious about finding the right job you need to be pro-active in leveraging social media.

Social media is fast becoming a popular tool for many employers to use in their recruitment efforts. According to CareerBuilder, 60 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, up significantly from 52 percent last year, 22 percent in 2008 and 11 percent in 2006. CareerBuilder also indicated that 59 percent of hiring managers use search engines to research candidates. If you’re not taking full advantage of your social media sites in your job search you risk being left behind.

If you’ve just been using your social media profiles to keep up with friends, arranging nights out and following your favorite band, here are some ways you can also turn them into a job hunting tool:

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer


Are you willing to dump your skills gathered through prior work or everyday life experiences just for the sake of career change? Do you really want to put off the time, money, and efforts spent to acquire those skills? Obviously not! The skills and experience gained through previous work experiences can and should be utilized as transferable skills when applying for new employment opportunities, whether it is related to your field or not.

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How to Write your Resume Work History Section


Resume writing is truly an art and one should know how to promote oneself in front of the potential employers. Your resume should include relevant details and job experience matched to the job requirements. There are numerous resume formats and while each one has its own merits, you should know the importance of each one and decide which best suits your own background. The most popular formats are functional, reverse chronological, and combination.

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5 Cover Letter Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed


There is nothing more annoying (nor more important) than having to write a cover letter. On the one hand, it can be the single most important document in your job search (yes, possibly more important than your resume). “Why?” you may ask. A cover letter is your introduction. It can be the single reason why your resume is (or is not) considered. Even if you have the best resume in the world with the most amazing work experience, a missing or poorly written cover letter may ruin any chance at getting your resume seen by the right people. In an economy where there is high unemployment and few jobs to go around, hiring managers are being very selective about the few people they will hire. With sometimes hundreds of resumes to sort through, a cover letter may be all they have time to review in considering whether or not to read your resume.

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10 Tips to Move up the Career Ladder


Youth, Education and ambition are undeniable assets many new employees bring to the table. But they are certainly no guarantee of success. On occasion, they can even be liabilities. When younger workers challenge the operation of an entire company, either out of arrogance or naïveté, their superiors are unlikely to be amused. As in any organization, beginners are expected to earn their dues before their opinions are taken seriously. With that in mind, we will discuss 10 simple tips any new employee can use to climb the corporate ladder in the modern era.

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